Breeze Blocks for Modern Architecture
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Q: What are BreezyBlock constructed from?
A: Concrete.

Q: Are BreezyBlock easy to install?
A: Yes! However, BreezyBlock are not typical blocks with 4 continuous sides so installing them does require an artistic touch.

Q: How are BreezyBlock installed?
A: Installation guidelines are available for download here.

Q: Why are there 2 parts to each BreezyBlock?
A: BreezyBlock are created in molds so they are esthetically pleasing when viewed from both sides.

Q: Are BreezyBlock load bearing?
A: No. BreezyBlock are not designed to be load bearing or used for anything other than an esthetic construct. Do not install BreezyBlock in any manner other than the recommended use. See Specifications

Q: Are the edges slightly tapered?
A: Yes, there is a 3° angle at the outer edges which is for molding purposes. Mortar fills this gap when installing.

Q: How tall can a BreezyBlock structure be?
A: No taller than 6 feet is recommended. Taller structures will require assistance of a structural engineer.

Q: What about edging around the perimeter of the structure?
A: Typical 12" x 4" x 2" concrete blocks can be installed around the perimeter to give a finished look.

Q: Do BreezyBlock come in colors other than white?
A: BreezyBlock can be custom ordered in most colors. Painting after installation also adds an esthetic interest.

Q: Are there any safety recommendations?
A: BreezyBlock structures are not intended for anything other than esthetic purposes. They should not be climbed on or installed in areas where children are left unattended by adults.